Productive & Artistic Procrastination

Art of ProcrastinationI am very proficient in the art of procrastination. I’ve found there are two forms of this very useful skill.

If the bathroom needs to be cleaned I’ll rearrange my makeup, organize under the sink, refold the guest towels, then get distracted when I go to get more toilet paper.

If I need to dust, I’ll alphabetize the books, rearrange the knickknacks, water the plants, brush the kitties, then get distracted when I go to get the dust rag.

If I need to clean my desk, I’ll rearrange my desktop, redo my to-do list, draw swirlies on the past days on the calendar, rearrange my pens, and notebooks, find my art notebook and use my newly arranged pens to draw.

If I need to go to the grocery store, I’ll organize my list by aisle, then organize it alphabetically instead, then doodle on the list, go to get my car keys and get distracted with the 6′ crossword puzzle on my wall.

Is it any wonder why my house isn’t perfectly clean and I’m behind on my tasks?

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