Last night was one of the worst nights of my life.  No details, take my word for it.

This morning I went with Greg to a 5K walk in which he was participating. I doubted I could do the whole thing, considering my deteriorating spine, but I decided to go along as much as I could. About halfway through my hips started screaming at me, and I stopped at a park to wait for him to finish and then come back and get me.

I spotted some swings, and decided to go sit on those instead of the picnic table where a couple of old guys were sipping coffee and talking about old cars. I started out just swaying back and forth, and the next thing I know I was as high in the air as I used to get when I was a little girl. I closed my eyes and leaned way back, swinging back and forth, releasing all my tension. When I opened my eyes, I was looking up into the sky…a gorgeous blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

About a half an hour later I landed back on earth when Greg drove up to the park. I felt refreshed, ready to tackle more demons. After all, they can’t catch me when I’m flying through the clouds.

2 thoughts on “Flying

  1. I'm so sorry that last night was so bad, but I'm glad you found a little bit of freedom and happiness today. Keep flying, keep that feeling. ❤ – jacki


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