Everybody needs a life preserver

As I was being dragged by the swirling eddy into the deep sea of depression, I was thrown a life preserver to which I will hold tight for the next few weeks. Depression makes me isolate, and that’s not possible anymore, especially not on the weekends when Greg’s mother stays with us. My condo isn’t sold yet, so Saturday night when something set me off into a torrent of tears, I told Greg I’d move back there until I was stable again. I made it through the first two weeks of a half dose, now I have two weeks of nothing, then 10 days of a half dose of the new anti-depressant.

He put his arms around me and said “We will hug and cry every day if necessary; and we will get through this together.” And he’s not the only one, I forget I have friends that are willing to toss me a line as well. Maybe I didn’t forget, it’s just difficult to believe that they truly care. For so many years I was left to flounder alone, it’s hard to accept that help is all around me now.

Please remember to check in with your friends who may be struggling. Just a simple phone call, text or email can make a big difference in someone’s life. Everybody needs a life preserver, not just those of us with a mental illness.

5 thoughts on “Everybody needs a life preserver

  1. My own mental illness sometimes makes me self absorbed and I needed to read this today because I do need to reach out more to help others. I would agree that everyone has a struggle at one time or another and needs the life preserver. Very nice post. I am glad you have people to surround you with love and friendship.


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