5 Quid For Life

Since I joined Facebook, I’ve learned that there is a wide world out there full of people struggling just like I am. I am not alone. The mental health support  I’ve received from friends and organizations has been invaluable. One of those organizations is 5 Quid for Life. While they aren’t able to help me directly since I’m in the US, I consider many of their members friends and an important part of my support network.

5 Quid For Life


5 Quid for Life is a small charitable trust which provides financial support to people with mental health problems who have lost their benefits as a result of the UK government’s welfare reforms.” This is a fantastic group of volunteers who believe “that mentally ill people should receive the same respect and treatment as anybody else.”

This year for Christmas, they’re not asking for money, simply to help spread the word about their organization. Here’s the link to the page with more information:  
Help us to help you help your friends: the @5QuidforLife Christmas Appeal

No matter what part of the world you live in, I strongly recommend that you consider supporting 5 Quid For Life in whatever manner you are able.

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