That’s not possible

How could it possibly be that for about two months I couldn’t care less about baking bread. Really?

This particular quote from a list of symptoms comes from the NIMH website, but it could just as well have come from the DSM, or any other website about bipolar depression, or depression itself;

Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable…

Keppra has been added, then increased, so hopefully life will be back to “normal” soon. I’m certain Greg is tired of eating 99 cent grocery store bread, or 70 cent “Oops we made too much” WalMart bakery bread. I also miss my whole grain breads, but when it comes to baking, I walk into the kitchen, then walk out again. It just seems like too much effort. Jesus, I’ve barely stopped crying and being able to stay out of bed, how am I expected to bake bread?

Please don’t tell me “Just jump right in and start again.” Depression doesn’t work that way, I wish it did. Like I’ve said before, this is not situational, it’s gripped-on-your-brain depression.

Short post, that’s it, just frustrated. And come to think of it, I’m angry…angry that this insidious disorder robs me of the things I love.

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