No hiding

Shame and hiding under a rock have no place in the fight against stigma. I recently learned about a movement called because I said I would, “a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity.” It addresses integrity and holding oneself accountable. The timing was perfect, the desire to give up on life was strong. I wrote a note to myself “I will not commit suicide.” Pretty strong words? Wrong. My wonderful friend, Jill Zimmerman from Alpha Healing Arts, taught me that in order to set an intention, one has to think in terms of the intention already coming true. That rules out “will,” “can,” “should,” “want to,” and other limiting words (yes, they are limiting). So…

My life is worth living. I fight shame, stigma, and self-doubt.

I make my world a better place to live.

There, I said it “out loud.” But one more thing – I go public. I can’t be an example to others, if they don’t know I’m here.

I would love to hear what you plan to do to hold yourself accountable for bettering your life. If you’re like me and you live with mental illness, I understand it will be difficult. None of this means we have to do these things alone, there are so many tools available to those who want to change their lives and make the lives of others a little better. For me, this includes taking my meds, seeing my mental health team, eating right, exercising, and using my personal tools (writing, reading, drawing, etc); as well as jumping in to life both feet first. Some days will be just a toe in the water, but that’s ok, at least I’m still moving forward.

Thank you to all my readers (whom I didn’t know existed), who let me know that they either enjoy my blog or it gives them hope, or they read it for whatever reason. You are why I blog, and I appreciate your encouragement. (seems like I should check my stats more often!)

I love comments!

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