Adding to my arsenal

not this time

The insidious black fog
begins to roll back in.
She can see it from a distance.
She can feel its presence.

As it moves closer,
she stands taller.
And with a look of determination
etched on her face,
she picks up her weapons
and strides in to battle.

It will not defeat me,
Not this time.

For twelve weeks, starting in September, I’ll be learning how to use Dialectical Behavior Therapy to aid in my battle against mental illness. After a lifetime of fighting for my life, I refuse to give up now.

My arsenal is holistic, with weapons that are both traditional psychiatric treatments as well as alternative modalities. My army is made up of my friends and family. My determination is strong.

9 thoughts on “Adding to my arsenal

  1. Your arsenal is the only thing that you can count on to be there when everything and everyone else is gone! I wish you the best, Please share how it works. I struggle with many of the same mental health issues.


  2. So glad you are starting DBT! I’ve heard very good things about it. I’ve only ever done CBT but want to learn DBT as well. I hope it works well for you! You are a strong warrior, proud to have you in my army of fighters and supporters. ❤

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