Dear MyFridayBlog:

pencil heartAnswering personal ads are normally not my thing, but yours really hit home. When I first started blogging, it never occurred to me to simply re-post something someone else wrote. As a matter fact, I didn’t even know that was a “thing.” I do, however quote people/blogs/articles, and have (since I started writing) reposted something, but I try to be original. Writing is something I enjoy doing. It can be therapy, it can be informative, it can simply be fun. My original blog was more eclectic, and I wrote about all aspects of my life; but when I moved over here (due to some unexpected stalking/trashing) I thought I should focus more on mental health. You now have me questioning that decision, but I haven’t yet decided if that’s good or bad…maybe it’s neither. Reading original content is my first choice, but sometimes I enjoy the occasional re-post if it’s about something amazing that I may have missed.

But anyway, I enjoy your blog (no option to comment, or am I just too stupid to see it?). It’s so…um…human. It’s heart-wrenching, entertaining, and relatable (besides the fact I have the requisite combo-lunacy, I also have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee); and I enjoyed going to Alaska with you. I’ve noticed you’ve “liked” a few of my posts, so hopefully we can keep this relationship going. By the way, I love the library, did you enjoy your time there?


A perhaps not-so-exciting blog-type-thingy

One thought on “Dear MyFridayBlog:

  1. Hahaha! There should be options to comment. I don’t understand why that isn’t working for some people lately. Ave I certainly don’t mind the occasional repost I just don’t understand why some blogs have switched to doing it almost exclusively. The library was great, although the selection at my branch is a little light.

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