Not feeling it

nopeThree draft posts have been written, all of which would most likely cause me to lose my status as a mental health/wellness advocate. Useless medication changes and a diagnosis addition (disassociative disorder) don’t bode well for an uplifting or informative post.

My point of this particular note is just to let you know I’m still here. I’m fortunate enough that I have readers that care about me, and check in now and then when I don’t write. No worries, I’m still hanging on by those fingernails.

11 thoughts on “Not feeling it

  1. I used to work in healthcare. Most of the diagnosis codes are for billing. Traits of anything are just that, traits.
    I’ve been through the mill for decades as well. It sucks. I’ll send you some warm wishes…it can’t hurt 🙂

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you have been feeling blue. Mental health diagnoses can be disheartening. Nothing has really changed though, you’re still the same you and always will be. 😉 when I feel down it can be comforting to know that 1. It won’t last forever, feelings are fleeting. 2. You are NOT alone(trust me, we all have our moments!) Hugs. Feel better soon.

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  3. As another person with DID, I want to say that just because you have that diagnosis, doesn’t make you any less of an advocate. If anything, it makes you more of one. After reading some of your post (I relate alot) I hope you know that you ARE making a difference! Be well, Kay

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    • My psych always likes to use the words “…traits of…” He says labels are for the Billing dept. Thank you for your kind words. My draft posts were all pretty whiny, I don’t like being like that.

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