running on the beach
– Brooke Shaden

Hope is running before me, barely out of reach. I get so close I can almost feel her fingertips, but my legs ache from running in the sand. If I can find the strength within me, one more burst of energy, I know I can catch her before it is too late. I hear her calling to me, “Grasp my hand, let my vibrant energy restore your colorless life.”


(Photo Challenge #118 Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie)



10 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Nice write. Thanks for playing with in the mlmm playground.
    I survive some days by writing outside of my self. Taking the internal and making it external through a creative writing exercise. It’s a release that can have any ending you choose. I hope you will participate gain.

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      • That’s just a cut and paste of the url of your post.
        I used to write about health, survived a breakdown by writing, more and more creative but of course there is a piece of the writer in what they write no matter how far apart they and their characters lives seem. So you can write about madness (I’ve been leaning towards that as the mad me is coming out more lately) without using the I, create new worlds. Different audiences for each challenge — there are hundreds of them.
        I’ll give you the url on face book in a bit of one you might enjoy as it can cross various audiences.


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