The bodi posi movement eludes me

The clotheswoman in front of mirror are flying out of the closet, tears are pouring out of my eyes, foul language is spewing out of my mouth. The self-disgust is so palpable, it’s oozing out of my pores. One more week until I visit my brother, and I have not lost enough weight to fit into my “nice” clothes. But wait, think about the fact that my idea of “clothes fitting” may be different than yours. Oh yes, my clothes fit just fine, but oh shit now you can see the outline of the belt loop on my jeans. I can feel the sleeve of my shirt on my skin. These are really horrific things to me, honestly. Do you know how difficult it is for me to say this? Do you understand what it’s like to have people say to you “There’s nothing wrong with your body.” when you know damn well it’s the most disgusting thing on the planet?

There are so many examples of strong, confident women all over the internet who have no fucks to give about what you think about their bodies. Instead of being inspired by these women, my brain uses them to remind me of yet another failure of mine – my inability to love myself. Now, not only do I abhor the way I look, I have disdain for that attitude and my inability to change. I’m angry that I don’t do enough to lose weight, and I’m angry that I can’t just let it go. The most shameful thing about this is that the definition of “fat” which I apply to myself is not even close to what I see in the body positivity world.

That’s the same shame that said to me “At least you have no broken bones.” when my husband abused me.

That’s the same shame that says to me “At least you don’t have cancer (or anything else ‘worse’).” when my bipolar disorder flares up.

Every time I start to open up to the possibility of letting go of my impossible standards, I become certain that once I do that I am admitting defeat.

Life was not meant to be lived like this, I’m certain. Food should not be something I judge, weigh, and measure before I’ll be able to eat it. Simple enjoyment should be at the top of the list of considerations. Actually, the only consideration should be if something would pose an immediate and serious danger if it were to be consumed.


7 thoughts on “The bodi posi movement eludes me

  1. I understand totally — I share the same sense of disgust with my body going back to being pudgy — nothing by today’s child size standards, but then short and round was something everyone made fun of. I know the feeling of wanting to fit back into clothes, and the tears of frustration. I, too, have trouble letting go of the impossible standards, and rather than be inspired, as you say, there is the overwhelming need to sit in judgement of myself.
    ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) You can get through this. You are a warrior princess, and you have gotten through so much. I understand how you feel, if for different reasons, and I am always thinking my chronic pain is nothing compared to what x, y and z experience. I am told my pain is my pain. How it affects my life is the standard, not what someone else experiences. Hard to believe, harder yet to practice. Hell, love myself — I don’t even like myself. So baby steps. I need to take them too.

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