Frank is sad

starter with layer of hooch

See that layer of liquid? That’s hooch, and yes it’s alcohol. Starters contain live yeast, and when they aren’t fed on a regular basis, the yeast forms a protective layer of alcohol (yeast produces alcohol).

The black crud that is depression has infiltrated my brain so badly, I can’t push past it this time. Poor Frank* is so sad and lonely that he’s turned to drink. I could put him in the fridge to hibernate, but that just feels like too much effort right now since I’d have to feed him first. Besides, if he sits on the counter, he’ll remind me every morning to keep trying. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll poor his liquor down the drain and give him a good feeding.

*A starter is a live culture and many breadheads think of their starter as a pet or a friend, hence the name (I’m not the only one!)

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