Just another day in the loony bin

This happened many years ago during one of my stays at a psychiatric hospital. This particular hospital had a lovely outdoor area where you could sit and visit with your family. My roomate got a call from her husband because while visiting in the outside area earlier that day their son had left his Batman toy behind. She told him we’d look for it in the morning.  Next morning we were crawling around the bushes when the psychiatrist came walking up the path. He stopped and asked what we were doing. Both of us at the same time said “We’re looking for Batman.” He replied “Oh, I see,” and just kept on walking.

Should be in the DSM-V

This was in my Twitter feed today by @bi_polar_girl:

Manic Depression: threatening. Bi-Polar Disorder: bland. How about Crazy Shit Syndrome? Sounds more like fun! 😀