I will share my quilt


‘Contained’ Crazy Quilt at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Here, wrap yourself in my yesmetoo quilt made from words that pour out of my heart. Be comforted with the knowledge that you are not alone with whatever you feel. Burrow beneath the warmth from the surety that others have survived what you are experiencing.

Since I’ve started writing, I’ve learned that there are people all over the world that are very different from me yet we have shared experiences. The simple “Yes, me too!” comment is my favorite. After so many years of being told I’m crazy, stupid, or wrong, it’s comforting to know that there is at least one other person that knows exactly what I’m talking about.

So here, wrap yourself in my yesmetoo quilt whenever you need it.

Be kind to yourself

An “Ask the Therapist” question on the PsychCentral website entitled Too Hard on Myself really hit home. I can really relate to the part of the question that says “I always say ‘Always’, ‘Never’, ‘Can’t’, and more when dealing with social situations and anything possibly emotionally benefiting me or my relationships.”

I am so fearful of going out of the house and meeting new people, even when it’s just the clerk at the grocery store. I don’t know what to say to new people, and am fearful that they’ll see through my façade and recognize that I’m “crazy.”

I’m also terribly hard on myself about actions, or more accurately inactions in my daily life. My house is never clean enough, I don’t accomplish enough during the day (although an accomplishment is sometimes just getting out of bed), and when I bake bread and it doesn’t come out perfect I believe I am a failure.

I really like the part of the response that says “It is important to be realistic. If your judgment is impaired, then it will lead to incorrect conclusions and mistakes. This may lead to many problems in life.” In addition she also states “Ultimately the goal is to have a realistic opinion of yourself and your abilities. It is not healthy to overstate or understate your abilities. If you’re having difficulty recognizing your abilities then counseling is recommended. It is a problem that you can overcome.”

I tell others to be kind and forgiving to themselves but I can’t seem to apply that to myself, and I truly need to take it to heart.