Procrastinator’s lament

art of procrastinationIn my other life, I was an efficient and organized office manager. Even though my life was falling apart at a rapid rate, I was still able to function as a productive adult for about 15 years. Since I stopped working, about 25 years ago, my organizational skills flew out the window.

Using a 4-color (plus pencil) pen, I make lists, and my lists have sub-lists. I also use two different apps for lists, I have four calendars, and there are numerous sticky notes adorning my lists and calendars. I even have an item on my task list that says “Make schedule.” I once read that if I make a schedule as if I were at work, I would get more accomplished. Hah!

I used to be able to blame it on my kids – you know those phone calls “I forgot my homework/lunch/sweater, etc.” But then they didn’t need me any more. Now what? The cats, it’s the cats’ fault. They stare at me through the window wanting to be let in, they sit at the door wanting to be let out. They barf, they bring in “gifts” I need to clean up, they require feeding, and of course they force me to stop what I’m doing and pet them until they’ve had enough.

Then I discovered “creative or therapeutic” procrastination through my art and jewelry. And lets not forget bread baking, blogging, blogs to read, news to read, and the evil of all evils-social media. Sometimes I blame it on depression, which is actually true in some cases, but I really can’t use that excuse all the time. I’d also like to blame it on ECT and say I have a Swiss cheese brain so I can’t really be organized. But wait, isn’t that what the lists are for?

There are so many books, websites, and productivity apps that are supposed to make my life easier, but then I have to find time on my as-yet-to-be-completed schedule to implement these tools or read these books. Meanwhile, I sit here typing in my pajamas with one cat sitting on the table staring at me, and one cat sitting outside the window next to me staring at me, dirty dishes, a bread starter that needs to be fed, a house that needs cleaning, laundry that needs to be put away…oh wait, Messenger just beeped at me…

Productive & Artistic Procrastination

Art of ProcrastinationI am very proficient in the art of procrastination. I’ve found there are two forms of this very useful skill.

If the bathroom needs to be cleaned I’ll rearrange my makeup, organize under the sink, refold the guest towels, then get distracted when I go to get more toilet paper.

If I need to dust, I’ll alphabetize the books, rearrange the knickknacks, water the plants, brush the kitties, then get distracted when I go to get the dust rag.

If I need to clean my desk, I’ll rearrange my desktop, redo my to-do list, draw swirlies on the past days on the calendar, rearrange my pens, and notebooks, find my art notebook and use my newly arranged pens to draw.

If I need to go to the grocery store, I’ll organize my list by aisle, then organize it alphabetically instead, then doodle on the list, go to get my car keys and get distracted with the 6′ crossword puzzle on my wall.

Is it any wonder why my house isn’t perfectly clean and I’m behind on my tasks?