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Luxury is unattainable.

I am a child, luxury is a hug from my mother.

I am a young girl, luxury is a Barbie Dreamhouse.

I am a teenager, luxury is acceptance.

I am a college student, luxury is self-respect.

I am a young mother, luxury is a loving partner.

I am a survivor of domestic violence, luxury is freedom from fear.

I am a person with mental illness, luxury is sanity.

I am a woman, luxury is self-love.

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Hah, snagged you. Bet you thought “Oh yay, Sheri slipped; we get to read that she believes she was a badass armadillo in another life.”

Nope, sorry. I’m talking about my blog, which has been through many incarnations in the past few years. It started out quite eclectic, then there was The Wedding, then everybody got to watch Sheri crash and burn.

The most recent saw your intrepid writer wanting to give just the facts, ma’am.

An interesting phenomenon has made itself be known throughout…the majority of comments in all their forms (social media, comments, contact form, private messages) said in many ways, had to do with being grateful for having someone be honest about what it’s like in the trenches.

So I will stop my quest to be the foremost blog on mental health and domestic violence (like that would really happen), and just go back to being me, but still always willing to honestly answer questions, and research facts/fallacies.

Dear MyFridayBlog:

pencil heartAnswering personal ads are normally not my thing, but yours really hit home. When I first started blogging, it never occurred to me to simply re-post something someone else wrote. As a matter fact, I didn’t even know that was a “thing.” I do, however quote people/blogs/articles, and have (since I started writing) reposted something, but I try to be original. Writing is something I enjoy doing. It can be therapy, it can be informative, it can simply be fun. My original blog was more eclectic, and I wrote about all aspects of my life; but when I moved over here (due to some unexpected stalking/trashing) I thought I should focus more on mental health. You now have me questioning that decision, but I haven’t yet decided if that’s good or bad…maybe it’s neither. Reading original content is my first choice, but sometimes I enjoy the occasional re-post if it’s about something amazing that I may have missed.

But anyway, I enjoy your blog (no option to comment, or am I just too stupid to see it?). It’s so…um…human. It’s heart-wrenching, entertaining, and relatable (besides the fact I have the requisite combo-lunacy, I also have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee); and I enjoyed going to Alaska with you. I’ve noticed you’ve “liked” a few of my posts, so hopefully we can keep this relationship going. By the way, I love the library, did you enjoy your time there?


A perhaps not-so-exciting blog-type-thingy

Wow, Just Wow

Back in 2009 (I think) I wrote an essay for an NPR progam called “This I Believe.” I forgot all about it, and then last year I received an email from Dan Gediman, the Executive Director of the program. My essay had been chosen to be published in their upcoming book This I Believe: On Motherhood. I was flabbergasted. Their books end up on top ten lists! We corresponded, he sent me the edits (didn’t change much), and then he told me the book would be out in March of this year, and I’d receive a copy. Once again, I forgot all about it. I suppose it was one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” issues. You know, my self-confidence is just so high (insert sarcasm font here).

So today Greg brings in the mail and hands me a package. I opened it, and there it was…the Book! No, not just one book, but two! I thought “Oh cool.” Then I opened it and felt like I was 16 or something…”Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Look there’s my name! In print! In a freaking book, a potentially best seller book. Oh my God! There’s my chapter! There’s my name again!” I was actually flapping my arms! (What a dork).

Life in Five Acts

If I were to write a book about my life, Life in Five Acts is one of titles I might consider. It’s not really that simple, but sometimes it feels as though I can plug my life into five different sections.  Here’s the book jacket synopsis:

Act One opens as our protagonist struggles as a high achiever through her first 16 years of life. After graduation with High Honors, and being accepted with Honors at Entrance at the University, all hell broke loose and she was on academic probation by her sophomore year. Life went on a downhill spiral from there. Act Two is filled with drug and alcohol abuse, “inappropriate” behavior (as the professionals like to call it), one failed marriage, and a couple suicide attempts. During that time Sheri amazingly returned to school, received her Associates Degree and held down increasingly responsible positions. By the midst of Act Three, before becoming so mentally debilitated work came to be impossible, she was an Office Manager.

Act Three consists of 15 years of an abusive marriage, numerous hospitalizations, more suicide attempts, and other frightening behaviors. A pharmacopeia of medications made her somewhat able to cope with her trials, albeit nearly non-functional. During Act Four the courageous fighter appears. After digging down deep into a medicated haze, Sheri was able to escape with her two daughters to safety.

Act Five is the happy ending. It covers another 15 years, also filled with difficulties, but these years become increasingly better as each struggle makes her stronger.  The book has a happily-ever-after ending, with our heroine exhilarated and ready for the next Act.

In case my imaginary publisher doesn’t like this title, I’ve come up with a few others:

  • Sex, Drugs, and Suicide Conquered (Too racy? But it would sell, wouldn’t it?)
  • Winning the War
  • A Courageous Life
  • Discoveries

Perhaps it will even be made into a movie, then you’re all invited to the opening!

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days